Dude, You’re Getting My History

Dude, You’re Getting My History

Battery Bond | Chat Incognito - BONDCOIN [BETA]

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Prabhakar Thota
·Jun 16, 2021·

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Battery Bond is an App for Friends to Track Each Other’s Mobile Device Battery Level and Chat Incognito as Anonymous, BONDCOIN will make your life easier! #CryptoLife


Check #Friends = BATTERY = Level Check your friend battery level at any time along with buddy surprise details! Incognito #Chat Chat Anonymously with other fellows in the decentralized network using tokens who has the same level of battery. Share #Battery Card Share your battery card with other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc., along with status details. Refer and #Earn We need BONDCOIN for an easy life, let share your unique code with others to get more coins. Buy and #Sell Buy or Sell…


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